Here are the different projects I’ve been working on in 2016-2017.

#ProductLaunch – Leka (2016) – $150,000 on Indiegogo

Leka is a smart toy set on changing the way children with autism learn, play and progress!
I developed Leka’s marketing strategy, building strong brand awareness in autism communities worldwide & reaching $150,000 of preorders. Read more about my experience at Leka.


#ProductLaunch – Bixi (2016) – $120,000 on Indiegogo

Bixi is the first ultra-portable companion that controls your favorite apps & devices by simply waving your hand. I have launched Bixi on Kickstarter (1500+ Bixi sold) and helped Bixi get the CES Innovation Award 2017 for Bixi V2.


#ProductLaunch – Shapeheart (2017) – $65,000 on Kickstarter

ShapeHeart is the first heart tracking connected armband made of a magnetic phone case to let you easily grab & use your smartphone while running.


#ProductManagement & #BigData – Cozytouch (2017)

The Atlantic Group proposes a range of smart connected heaters that help us save money while making our home more confortable. I’m part of the product team in charge of the new version of the Cozytouch app. I’m also using the power of Big Data to optimize Atlantic’s products & marketing strategy.